Language files

If you want to translate RICOlmer into another language, I would be delighted! Do contact me first to make sure that no-one else is already translating the same language. English language file can be used as template. Equally, if you find any mistakes in the output in different languages, please do let me know because I'm not able to check them all myself.

Again: please don't send me your language file prior to contacting me, as far as such version might be already under development.

All actual language files can be installed using Language pack.

To update/install your language file, download language you wish to update/install, unzip it using WinZip, PKZip or whatever you want and copy it to 'language' folder of your RICOlmer folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\RICOlmer\language). Then, in options window, you'll be able to choose downloaded language file. Do the same with help file but copy files to RICOlmer folder.

LanguageFile versionRICOlmer versionAuthor
English + help files1.02.5Robert Wieckowicz
Polish + help files1.02.5Robert Wieckowicz
Russian0.1 beta (discontinued)2.5Alex Finegert
Slovenian1.02.5Matej Leban
Serbian1.02.5Mihajlo Kresojevic
Italian1.02.5Bogetti Giuseppe
French1.02.5Sylvie Pierrard
Spanish1.02.5Alberto Martinez Perez
Dutch0.1 beta2.5Martin Beekhuizen
German1.02.5Martin Heineck
Finnish1.12.5Pekka Rintanen
Turkish1.02.5Mesut Akcan
Hungarian + info.dat file1.02.5Kovács Tibor
English + help files1.02.4Robert Wieckowicz
Polish + help files1.02.4Robert Wieckowicz
Russian1.02.4Alex Finegert
Slovenian2.02.4Matej Leban
Serbian0.1 beta2.4Gordislav Raukovic
Italian1.02.4Bogetti Giuseppe
French1.02.4Sylvie Pierrard
Spanish1.02.4Alberto Martinez Perez
Dutch1.02.4Martin Beekhuizen
German1.02.4Martin Heineck
Finnish1.02.4Pekka Rintanen
Turkish1.02.4Mesut Akcan
English + help files1.02.3Robert Wieckowicz
Polish + help files1.02.3Robert Wieckowicz
Russian1.02.3Alex Finegert
Slovenian1.02.3Matej Leban
Serbian0.1 beta2.3Gordislav Raukovic
Italian1.02.3Bogetti Giuseppe
French1.02.3Sylvie Pierrard
Spanish1.02.3Alberto Martinez Perez
Dutch1.02.3Martin Beekhuizen
German1.02.3Martin Heineck
English + help files1.12.21Robert Wieckowicz
Polish + help files1.02.21Robert Wieckowicz
Russian1.02.21Alex Finegert
Slovenian2.02.21Matej Leban
Serbian0.1 beta2.21Gordislav Raukovic
Italian1.02.21Bogetti Giuseppe
French1.02.21Sylvie Pierrard
Spanish1.02.21Alberto Martinez Perez
Polish + help files1.02.1Robert Wieckowicz
Russian0.1 beta2.1Alex Finegert
Slovenian2.1_12.1Matej Leban
Serbian1.02.1Gordislav Raukovic
Italian1.02.1Bogetti Giuseppe
French1.02.1Sylvie Pierrard